How to learn self-sufficiency: 

You may not be living on your dream far, or in any position to set yourself up to be 100% self-sufficient. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start. Just learning one skill at a time can raise your inspiration, keep you proactive and prepare you for your future dream lifestyles.

The School of Self-Sufficiency is a hub that welcomes people to come along and use the onsite resources and teachers to develop skills in a beautiful and fun communal environment.

2014 Workshops

1. FEB – Longbow making workshops – 1st-2nd February

2. FEB – Self Sufficiency Series – Workshops Weekend 1 – 28th Feb – 3rd March –   See Photos

3. MARCH – Self Sufficiency Series – Workshops Weekend 2 – 28th – 30th March

4. MAY – School of Self-Sufficiency – May Workshop Weekend

5. JUNE – June – Families fun workshop weekend – details coming soon

6. JULY – Intimate half-day workshop with David Holmgren – for permaculture enthusiasts.

community living workshop



Learn Self-Sufficiency
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