Our first event kicked off at Creative Collective headquarters in Lara this Christmas. We opened up the house and property for all to come and enjoy at the Orphans Christmas Camp Out.

We had visitors from all over – Friends, family, locals, friends of friends, internationals with no family in Australia to celebrate with, and an interesting mix of characters from couch surfing Australia. All coming together for an awesome time in the hot summer sun.

People were scattered all over the property, relaxing in the chai tent, jumpin in the pool, play board games under the big gum tree, turf boarding like wild hooligans in the back paddock, launching into the creek from 3 meters up a tree, napping in the shading, dancing on the tables, chatting, drinking, eating, laughing and all that good stuff that makes community life AWESOME!

Here are some snaps from the week…..Photo Album


Orphans Christmas Party Creative Collectives at the waterhole Polygasm DSC_2001

Christmas Camp Out
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