Kate Marsh Creative Collectives Eldorado VictoriaKate is a self-sufficiency & rewilding enthusiast. She worked for many years as an interior designer, and although she was successful and skilled in this field she soon grew tired of the plain and conventional environments she was being asked to design and went on a mission to find a better way of life.

Inspired by images of natural buildings, books on community living and programs like river cottage she whisked herself off to the UK on an alternative lifestyle tour. Starting in Scotland she attended the month long Ecovillage Training Course at the infamous, Findhorn Foundation.  What an incredible place to begin. Findhorn is a world renowned eco-village that has been in progress since the 60’s and a truly amazing demonstration of alternative lifestyles and community living. From there she hoped through Ireland (Kinsale Transitions Town,  EcoVillage Cloughjordan), Wales (Cae Mabon), England (Monktown Wyld Court) and on to France where she helped convert a 250 year old farm-house and property into a productive and working workshop location.

With her bags packed full of inspiration she head on back down-under to begin a “Collective Culture Movement”. With very empty pockets her dream of purchasing a property was still in the distant future and so she and 15 other creative individuals started an underground warehouse community in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. This was to be a hub of collaborative projects, alternative living (urban style) and a base to grow ideas. From this location Kate created a community vibe amongst the residents, co-produces a huge array entertainment events and run The BIRD magazine (Brunswick Independent Reader’s Digestible) a free street publication ‘by the people, for the people’.

She is also studies Ecological Agriculture through Charles Sturt University, attended the Terraeden Biotecture Earthship Build (Northern Rivers) and blissfully sunk her hands into the soil with a number of Organic Farmers on the Sunshine Coast to spark her ever growing passion for gardening.

After realising that the city was no place for this country kickin’ soil lover, she and 3 others from the warehouse crew started a second community in the small town of Lara just 50 mins down the highway. This is where Creative Collectives begun with The School of Self-Sufficiency workshop weekend. A fun and happy space was created where people could come to connect and learn with regular workshops and gatherings helping people become aware of alternative lifestyle options, self-sufficiency skills and networks of people who are all trying to achieve similar goals and very willing to collaborate.

Kate Marsh Creative Collectives Permaculture Eldorado VictoriaDuring their time in Lara Kate and Ralph (partner and co-founder of CC) ran a successful crowd funder to set up a permanent location for Creative Collectives and purchased a gorgeous valley farm, surrounded by national park in Eldorado (North-East Victoria). The sit is currently being developed into a communal gathering space, permaculture farm (with permaculture advice from David Arnold) and event location. The main event for 2016 being a rewilding camp for adults – Wolf Pack.

Kate is focused on connecting people. Working to provide the time and space for others to share their skills and knowledge, learn from each other, make new friends, get creative and have a great time along the way.

Contact Kate by Email or phone 0411 865 563.

Kate Creative Collectives

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