Thanks so much Kate and Ralph for having Permastructure at the Creative Collectives, we are still feeling so happy and blessed from such a sweet weekend and so excited minnaabout all we learnt and all the beautiful people we met. You do such a wonderful service and make the weekend so easy and such a joy for everyone involve. We look forward to returning.  And here is our information for our next earthbag workshops
Minna Seppala – Permastructure.


Workshop ParticipantsThank you Kate, thank you Ralph and thank you to everyone involved with the Creative Collectives community, who helped make the weekend the wonderful skill sharing love-fest that it was.

We have come away so inspired, so motivated, so excited about our new skills, our new knowledge and the abundance of ideas spilling from our hearts and minds.

We are so looking forward to the next time we gather.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love Ben, India and Lucy xxxx

India Marama Dechrai – Workshop Participant


Yay! what a super fabulous weekend at Lara with Creative Collectives Workshop Weekends! !!! I made my own leather purse and learnt how to prepare my own chickens. It gaiais so hard when you see the whole process of what eating meat involves. The stuff in the supermarkets is so packaged that we completely disassociate the meat with the animal. As we plucked the chickens, they gradually changed from being an animal to being a piece of meat. It is amazing how the mind will, though having full knowledge of what it is, perceive the object that is now a different look, as having nothing to do with the first.


The massage workshop that I taught was also a whole lot of fun and a big inspiration booster that there is so much we can share with other, no matter how much skills we think we have!
Thank you Lara and wonderful Kate and Ralph
Gaia Wilson – Massage Teacher


Volunteer with The School of Self-Sufficiency on FarmI had an amazing long weekend volunteering with Kate & Ralph at Agari Permaculture farm for the Creative Collectives Workshop. Kate’s relaxed and warm, friendly nature makes everyone feel instantly at ease and Ralph is a real salt-of-the-earth kinda guy. It was a pleasure to help out with the cooking and be a part of the wonderful workshop: we all learned so much, there was a great atmosphere with the mixture of people and the setting couldn’t have been more idyllic. Kate you have an amazing vision and your passion for educating people about eco-living in a fun and accessible way is really inspiring. All the best for your farm in El Dorado, I look forward to coming to visit you there once it’s set up. Thanks for having me x

Claire Thomas, Volunteer.



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