3Ex-Brunswick residence Kate Marsh and Ralph Knees have made a very interesting “tree change” and they’re inviting you all to come and visit!

After living in a Brunswick warehouse community with 15 others for over a year this creative duo decided they wanted to take that communal living structure they loved and see how it would work in the country. Not too far from the City, they’ve set up in the cute little town of Lara on a 5 acres hobby farm that has loads of potential.

warehouse2The first few months were dedicated to developing the edible gardens, chicken coop and hand-crafted communal spaces. Then it was time to tell the people all about it, so they hosted an amazing week long ‘Orphans Christmas Party’ with visitors from all over – friends, family, locals, friends of friends, internationals with no family in Australia, and an interesting mix of characters from couch surfing Australia. All coming together for an amazing time in the hot summer sun.

“People were scattered all over the property, relaxing in the chai tent, jumping in the pool, playing board games under the big gum tree, turf-boarding like wild hooligans in the back paddock, launching into the local creek from 3 meters up a tree, napping in the shade, dancing on the tables, chatting, drinking, eating, laughing and all that good stuff that makes community life AWESOME!” explained Kate happily.

The hobby farm share-house was an experiment to see if they could combine all the pleasures of the city and country together for the perfect lifestyle, and they’re pleased to announce it has been a great success.

Fermentation workshop at School of Self-SufficiencyThe collective have now expanded and are opening up their property to the “School of Self-Sufficiency” offering monthly skill-share events
with the opportunity to enjoy a communal camp-out, attend self-sufficiency classes to learn new skills and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings for the weekend.

People are starting to understand the importance of self-reliance and learning to use the most valuable tools on earth – ‘their hands!’ Teachers are coming from all walks of life to share their specialty skills and knowledge in a wide variety of categories including natural building, health and wellbeing, homesteading, community living, permaculture, bushcraft, handcrafts and sustainable energy.

Creative Collectives foundersWhen I asked them if they missed Brunswick they said “we really do miss the people of Brunswick, the creative culture there is incredible. But we want to bring it all to the country now, we love it out here, the people, the animals, the surrounds and the workshops are amazing and we’re really proud of how it’s all come together”.


Creative Culture – City or Country???
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