Creative Collectives AustraliaWhat is a Creative Collective: A creative collective is any group of people who come together to make positive change creatively. We’re all about collaborations and see this as an important part of taking the leap into a sustainable future. We encourage people to work together for support, fun, friendship and because many hands make light work and many minds spark great ideas

We strongly encourage: “Small collective change for a BIG impact”. We can’t take on the worlds problems alone and we can’t get it right all at once. Let’s take the pressure off a little by doing it together. Share, Teach, Learn and Grow in a communal environment with Creative Collectives.

We are a Sustainability, Self-Sufficiency, Re-Wilding and Alternative Living Network. Kate Marsh Creative Collectives Australia

Connecting and educating people for a sustainable future. 

We are all about Collective Culture and focused on making sustainability fun through workshops, networks and creative collaborations.

Our resources and events are designed to make positive sustainable impacts through collective activity. Life is hard and boring if you’re doing it all on your own, so I say “let’s all team up, have fun and activate change together”.
We believe that the greatest change a person can make in pursuit of a sustainable future is to become a self-sufficient dynamo (multi-skilled and super resourceful), collaborate creatively, and get into some scale of community living (on one site or connecting with your local township). Our services and resources help people achieve these goals through small steps over time, so no-one becomes overwhelmed or extreme – take a breath, laugh and keep on doin’ the stuff you love.

Creative Collectives, The School of Self-Sufficiency, Workshop Weekend, VictoriaOur main resource for this is The School of Self-Sufficiency, with workshop weekends held regularly on Farms around Victoria.

Or for a longer more challenging and enlightening experience see WOLF PACK“, our awesome 20 day experience in Tribalism and Survivalism. Learning all about bush skills and communal living.

In 2017 we are also releasing:

COLLABORATIVE LEARNING: We provide awesome interactive opportunities and resources with practical hands-on classes, educational talks and information sessions from a wildly diverse range of characters from around Australia.

CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE: We build metaphorical bridges! Helping people find each other, to team up in interesting collaborations – from friendships, workshop buddies and local co-ops to eco-village pioneers, natural building teams and creative communities.

WHY ARE WE DOING IT:  Our activities are directed towards the practice and encouragement of –

– Happier, healthier lifestyles that are more fun, active and collaborative
– Greater freedom for creative pursuits by increasing self-sufficient capabilities, thus reducing the need to work for others
– Building confidence through skill-building and making great new friends at workshops and gatherings
– Enhanced connectness with nature, people, food, seasons, culture and self
– Following passions, throwing caution to the wind and taking risks
– Lightening our footprints with regular small changes for sustainability



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