Workshops - Our events are about bringing people together, learning new skills, enjoy the outdoors & community good times.

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Sustainability, Re-Wilding & Community Living Workshops and Events in Victoria, Australia.

Creative Collectives (Hidden Valley Farm, Eldorado, Victoria) is home of The School of Self-Sufficiency, Wolf Pack, Primitive Skills Gathering, Family Bush Camp and a variety of eco-living opportunities. We believe that self-sufficiency, nature connection and community living are the key to a happy, healthy, eco-friendly life. It is our mission to create fun opportunities for skill-building, learning, connecting and sharing to help people make the transition to a more sustainable and enjoyable life-style.

At our events you will learn many great practical skills (from primitive to modern technologies) and the importance of community connection. There is generally a mix of hands-on and lecture style workshops as well as free-time so you don’t get too worn out.

Our workshops are designed to be super fun, diverse and jam packed with excellent classes from all kinds of teachers. Because of our love for collaborations we’re constantly on the look out for unique teachers. We meet them all over the place and they’re always excited to share their skills, passion and knowledge with an enthusiastic group.

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We run workshops in a number of different platforms so there is something suitable for everyone. Currently we have 2 day workshop weekends, 1 week family camps, primitive skills gatherings and 20 day full immersion re-wilding retreats.

Our Events for 2017 will include: Click on banners below to read more about each event.

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CLICK HERE TO SEE Our Past Workshops Gallery. 

Our workshops are always action packed and include a diverse range of classes from guest teachers from all walks of life. Teaching workshops from the following topics:

Workshops in Permaculture, Natural Building, Homesteading, Bush Craft, Community Living, Sustainable Enery, Hand Crafts and Health & Wellbeing. 

We truly believe that “if it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable” so all of our events have an element of fun, and our easy-going attitude seems to filter through the whole group allowing everyone to have a great time.

All of our workshops are hosted in beautiful outdoor spaces around the farm and the nature time you get will top you up with that all important “Vitamin N (nature)” leaving you feeling healthy and happier after your time with us.

We also have a massive 8m diameter tipi for indoor workshops when the weather gets a bit woolly and for night time gatherings around the fire.

Creative Collective’s create opportunities for you to not only learn and share, we encourage you to collaborate too. Community Living and Collaboration are an underlying freebie that go hand-in-hand with all of our workshop experiences. By coming to any of our events you can expect to feel welcomed, included, part of the team and leave with a bucket full of great new friends.

 There is a huge Creative Collectives family all over Australia now, who catch up regularly, run their own gatherings and support each other in projects and life in general.

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With the success of our Crowd Funding Campaign in 2014 we raised enough money to purchase a small farm to host Creative Collectives events – Hidden Valley Farm, Eldorado Victoria. It is becoming an amazing and unique base for workshops, activities, projects, gatherings, experimenting with new ideas, permaculture farming and many great collaborations.

The site is a beautiful 20 acre clearing surrounded by National Park and includes many great outdoor spaces for workshops and a huge 8m traditional Lakota tipi for up to 35 people.



We are always open to visitors and volunteers at Hidden Valley Farm. In 2017 we will be kicking off many of our Permaculture Farm plans and will certainly need lots of assistance. We’re very easy going hosts and love people to enjoy their time in the valley and make sure there is plenty of time for exploring the surrounds and enjoy the local community.

CAMPING: We also offer camping onsite through YOUCAMP at just $10 per night. Feel free to book in for some free time and off-grid camping in this beautiful location.

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